Moving Violations

A moving violation is considered to be any violation committed when your vehicle is in motion. In the State of New York, as well as almost all other states, moving violations are considered to be more serious than non-moving violations. New York imposes an additional fine onto moving violations and typically, these types of tickets will add more points to your license and increase your insurance premiums than non-moving violation tickets.
If you have been stopped by a police officer and issued a ticket for a moving violation, your best course of action is to discuss the ticket with an experienced New York traffic attorney to determine your next move. After being issued a ticket for a moving violation, you will typically only have a specific period of time in which you can respond, so it is even more important that you contact a traffic attorney as quickly as possible.
At the Law Office Of Terri B. Kalker, we know the law surrounding moving violations, and know what it takes to build you a solid defense. We have successfully represented many clients who were cited for various types of moving violations and would like to do the same for you. We understand that each client’s situation is absolutely unique, and are prepared to devote our time, attention and expertise to your case. We’ll work hard to protect your record and keep your driving privileges intact.
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Note: Recent changes to the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law makes it mandatory for motorists who are found guilty of certain traffic violations to pay an assessment to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is called the Driver Responsibility Program and it applies to drivers who operate any kind of motor vehicle in New York State. This applies to New York drivers, regardless of the state the driver is actually licensed in.
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