Vehicle Equipment/Mechanical Violations

It is a motorist’s responsibility to keep an vehicle the drive on the road in good working condition. If an officer of the law notices an issue with the vehicle equipment, he or she can issue what is commonly referred to as a “fix it ticket,” which then makes it mandatory for the vehicle owner to correct the issue within a certain period of time. Some types of mechanical violation tickets impose a fine as well.

Examples of vehicle equipment or mechanical violations include but are not limited to:

  • Inadequate or malfunctioning braking system
  • Cargo that is not secured properly
  • Lighting failures (brake lights, headlights, etc.)
  • Overweight or overwidth vehicles

Many people who are issued vehicle equipment or mechanical violation tickets end up simply fixing the problem at hand and paying the fine associated with the ticket. While this can often be the easiest and least time consuming way of handling the matter, it is not always in the best interest of the motorist who was issued the ticket.

Depending on your previous driving record and whether you have been issued a number of tickets within a certain time frame, you could be facing serious penalties including hefty fines, increase in your insurance premium and even the loss of your license. It is important that you speak with an experienced New York traffic lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect your record and preserve your driving privileges.

At the Law Office Of Terri B. Kalker, we take each case we are presented with seriously and examine all evidence at hand. We will fight to have your mechanical violation ticket dismissed, so you can continue enjoying your driving privileges and so your record stays clean.

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Note: Recent changes to the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law makes it mandatory for motorists who are found guilty of certain traffic violations to pay an assessment to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is called the Driver Responsibility Program and it applies to drivers who operate any kind of motor vehicle in New York State. This applies to New York drivers, regardless of the state the driver is actually licensed in.
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